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About Us


Feeding the World one Crop at a Time

Whether you are a member of Far West Agribusiness Association or just visiting our page, welcome to our website.


Since 1959, Far West Agribusiness Association has supported Agribusiness through advocacy, networking, safety training, and ever-evolving over 63 years! 

FWAA is a membership-based association with representation in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Utah. Today, we have over 100 member companies, including manufacturers, wholesale & retail suppliers of crops and agrichemicals, marketing companies, feed and seed industries, mining, as well as construction companies, consulting groups, and other agribusinesses.


Our members are vital to feeding the Pacific Northwest region and the nation. At Far West, our initiative is to provide continuing education credits, safety training, and advocacy to serve the needs of our members. Increasing our value to member companies is our number one focus, providing more tools to enhance your company. 

FWAA is a 501c (6) non-profit association that protects the interests of agricultural retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. The Political Action Committee (PAC) advocates for agricultural issues in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Utah. Staying informed with senators and congressmen on vital issues affecting the industry.

Our association is evolving into a dynamic group and we are excited to share our growth with you. We aim to provide the latest updates, hot topics, newsletters, events, and training, we encourage you to join us in supporting the future of agriculture!

What is Agricultural Retailing & Wholesaling?

In the United States, the food marketing system binds farms to consumers through food manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing (grocery stores and food service centers).

Food wholesaling consists of food marketing in which goods are stored, assembled and distributed to retailers, operators, other wholesalers, government, and other types of businesses. As the retail food industry changes and evolves within our society, more nontraditional stores have acquired more food sales such as warehouse club stores and drugstores. Therefore, changes in consumer food preferences are a direct reflection of food retailing, including how the food is developed.

Source: United States Department of Agriculture

FWAA Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the business and safety environment for the fertilizer and agrichemical industry in Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

FWAA Structure and Governing Board of Directors

Our team includes Susan Reed (Office Manager), and Emily Gluch (Marketing & Events Coordinator) located in downtown Weiser, Idaho. 

The governing body of Far West Agribusiness Association includes a Board of Directors which hold the authority and responsibility of the association. Currently, the board consists of 18 representatives and 3 ex-offices. The 6 Executive board members hold chairs of the governing body including the president, 1st vice-president, 2nd vice-president, treasurer, immediate past president, and director. Visit our Board of Directors to view the current board.

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Emily Gluch

Marketing &
Events Coordinator

Emily Gluch joined the Far West team in April 2022 after graduating from the OSU & EOU Agricultural Sciences program.

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Susan Reed

Office Manager

Susan Reed joined the Far West team in February 2021 as the Office manager.

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