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How you can Double Down in 2023!


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DeC 13th - Dec 15th

The Annual meeting will be sent via zoom link, if you would like to join, please email

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Safety Training 

A series of Safety training is hosted in Oregon and Idaho to implement Anhydrous Ammonia Safety and OSHA certification for our member companies.

Conference Website 

register today at the conference website, and view this year's speakers, tours, PAC Auction & Casino Night, and more.

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Agribusiness Academy

Develop better managers and provide a good succession plan for your organization through personality style assessments.

Conference Agenda

Check out the schedule of events and speaker timeslots in the agenda on the conference website.

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Scholarship Program

Proceeds from the Agribusiness Academy are contributed to the Far West Scholarship Program for member companies' employees, students, or grandchildren. 

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Political Action Committee

The PAC committee is committed to supporting lobbyists in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Nevada advocating for agriculture. 

Far West Annual Meeting & Conference 

The Far West Agribusiness Association celebrates Agricultural Retailers at the 63rd Annual Conference from Dec. 13th to Dec. 15th at the Boise Centre in Boise, Idaho.


Join Far West in celebrating the success of Agricultural Retailers across the states of Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Far West invites you to participate in continuing education credits, OSHA certification training, Industry & Guest tours, and Political Action Committee Auction & Casino Night.

NEW! this year, the OSHA 10-Hour Certification course and PAC Auction & Casino Night

How you can Double Down in 2023!


Sponsor the Conference Today!

As a 63rd Annual FWAA Conference Sponsor, you will be featured in all publications and recognized on a mobile app, conference program, digital signage, PAC Auction Program, two presentations at the Industry reception, and PAC Auction & Casino Night.

At the PAC Auction & Casino night, all sponsors will be announced to receive a plaque and asked to be recognized by the MC. 

We would appreciate all sponsors taking their photo with the Far West team during the Industry Reception on Tuesday, December 13th, at 5:30 pm. 

Register Today: 63rd Annual FWAA Conference - Sponsors

Sponsorship Opportunites 

Idaho Potato Bar - $1,500 - SOLD OUT

Thank you, ICL!


Industry Reception 1/4 - $1,000 - SOLD OUT

Thank you, Westlink Ag!


Industry Reception 2/4 - $1,000


Industry Reception 3/4 - $1,000


Industry Reception 4/4 - $1,200


Breakfast Stations - $1,350


Breakfast Stations - $1,350


Watering Hole - $300 - SOLD OUT

Thank you, Westlink Ag!


Vendor Boxed Lunches - $1,700


Snack Attack - $1,200 - SOLD OUT

Thank you, NWCCA!


PAC Americana - $5,000 - SOLD OUT

Thank you, Simplot!


PAC Americana - $2,500


PAC Refreshment Tickets - $2,000


Casino Tables 1/4 - $900


Casino Tables 2/4 - $900


Casino Tables 3/4 - $900


Casino Tables 4/4 - $900


OSHA Track - $800


Professional Development Track - $900 - SOLD OUT

Thank you, Alliant!


Nutrient Management Track - $900 - SOLD OUT

Thank you, SRX Sulfur!


Crop & Pest Management Track - $900 - SOLD OUT

Thank you, NWCCA!


Live Mobile App - $700 - SOLD OUT

Thank you, Westlink Ag!


Lanyards & Registration programs - $1,500 - SOLD OUT

Thank you, IEDS!


Financial Contribution - $300


Financial Contribution - $225

Financial Contribution - $200


Financial Contribution - $100

Donate a PAC Item - email or call 888-691-1942 or Emily at 208-550-9254.

PAC Auction & Casino Night 

NEW! this year, we have turned the PAC Auction into an entire event. "High Risk, High Reward" How you can Double Down in 2023! Gear up for an exciting night of celebrating the success in Agriculture throughout the Northwest and raising awareness for the 2023 Legislative year. The Political Action Committee helps raise funds to support candidates running for state legislative offices who work hard to protect and defend legislation allowing agriculture to operate with freedom. Partnering with The Baker Boys Auction team will ensure a fun night to celebrate and win a round or two of blackjack! 

Sign up Here: 63rd Annual FWAA Conference 

Industry Reception 

Join Far West and the Agricultural leaders at the Industry Reception to network and generate leads. As a sponsor, exhibitor booth, speaker, or general attendee registrant, the Industry Reception and PAC Auction & Casino night are included in your registration. We guarantee the 2022 Annual Conference will be a great way to celebrate a year of success post-pandemic and a great way to kick off the year 2023! 

OSHA Training 

Far West is focused on providing the latest news to current CCAs and supplying CEU credits each year, now we are offering a 10-hour OSHA training for our members. Although the OSHA training will not allow you to attend any CEU presentations, the OSHA training would be a great opportunity for any managers, and operational and safety departments. 

Under the OSHA act, it is vital to ensure compliance and ensuring protective workplace safety and health standards. Our organization would like to offer this training to enhance the business and safety environment at your location. 

Learn more about OSHA and State programs: Occupational Safety and Health Administration - Sample Programs 

Certified Crop Advisor - Continuing Education Credits

Are you a CCA looking for Continuing Educational Credits? We offer 10 CEU credit opportunities at the 63rd Annual FWAA Conference in Boise, Idaho, on December 14th and 15th.

The 63rd Annual FWAA Conference is a CCA"board-approved" event for the chance to earn up to 10 CEU credits in Nutrient Management, Crop & Pest Management, Soil & Water, as well as Professional Development categories.

Certified Crop Advisors in the Northwest have the opportunity to obtain credits at the end of the year in a variety of topics. If your company has questions or updated lists of current CCAs, please reach out to Emily Gluch or Susan Reed to supply all current CCA information to them. 

Source: Certified Crop Advisor - Offer CEUs

Annual Conference Tours - Industry Tour & Guest Tour

Get an exclusive look behind the scenes at the vital agricultural companies in the Treasure Valley! You'll learn about the unique sustainability efforts, carrot seed processing, one-of-a-kind facilities, and how sugar is made right here in Idaho. We know these companies are vast across the world, so we are thankful to offer this opportunity to learn more about the behinds the sciences processes. 

Bring your spouse, colleague, or guest to our Guest Tour on Wednesday, December 14th. Featuring the unique Basque Culture in the center of Boise, home to the center of Basque communities and the Museum. The guests will visit the Boise Basque center and tour the museum, have lunch at Leku Una, then take the day to tour the famous Idaho penitentiary, and come back to enjoy a round of spirits at Bar Gernika just in time for the PAC Auction & Casino Night! 

Sign up Here: 63rd Annual Conference - Tours 

Exhibitor Booths

Gear up to celebrate Agricultural Retailers in the Pacific Northwest! We are back in Boise and have cultivated new conference features, such as exhibitor exposure in the main foyer and exclusive sidebar rooms for Premium Booths. Included in the Exhibitor registration is an invitation to the PAC Auction & Casino Night and Industry Reception.  

Far West encourages your company to exhibit your company to develop new relationships and generate leads for 2023 and future sales by spending time with the Ag Retailers, Distributors, wholesalers, or buyers at the 63rd Annual FWAA Conference! 

Featuring over 36 available booths, the premium booths with a sidebar room will be located in the foyer with 100% exposure to all attendees, located in the Boise Centre foyer. The regular exhibitor booths will be located in the Grand Ballroom with exceptional exposure throughout the PAC Auction & Casino Night, the sessions, and Industry Reception.


We have scheduled a 2-hour block hour for attendees to visit the booths as well as all the having all the conference events. 

Become an Exhibitor Today: Expo - Booth Information 

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