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Industry Member

(Agricultural Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Retailer, or Distributor)

Voting memberships will be generally limited to individuals, firms, or corporations who either operate and maintain as a business an adequately equipped fertilizer and agrichemical dealer or distributing processing plant or who are substantially in the business of manufacturing or distributing at wholesale, retail, fertilizing materials, agricultural minerals, soil amendments, manures, auxiliary soil or plant substances and agrichemicals. Industry Members may also be any individual, firm, or corporation vital to the production of fertilizers and agrichemicals, or one or more of the components thereof, and manufacturers or suppliers of equipment and machinery used directly in or related to the fertilizer and agrichemical industry. Each company shall designate the individual who will perform the duties of the voting member.

Consultant & Applicator

(Service Provider)

The Independent Consultant/Independent Applicator shall be those individuals and/or businesses who provide consulting services and/or product application services to end-users. These individuals and/or businesses provide such services on a contractual basis. These individuals and/or businesses are not directly employed by retail crop input dealers and/or end-users. This category enjoys full rights and benefits of membership and is eligible to vote on corporate affairs.



Affiliate memberships shall be any individual, firm, or corporation providing goods and services to the fertilizer and agricultural industry but are not otherwise directly engaged within the industry. Affiliate members shall have full rights of membership except the right to vote on corporate affairs.

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