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About the Company

Source: company website

Founded in 2004, Agrian started with the goal of making it easier for growers, agronomists, professional crop advisors, retailers and food processors to document all of their activities in a consistent and simplified way.

Agrian was among the first to recognize that the industry needed a unified software solution. One that provided a platform of capabilities – stemming from compliance and connecting the most advanced agronomy, precision farming, sustainability and analytic tools together.

Agrian joins TELUS. In August of 2020, Agrian became part of the TELUS family, a world-leading communications and information technology company. The acquisition provides Agrian a strong partner who is committed to agriculture and the food supply chain. With TELUS, Agrian is making it possible to share, document, and connect information and data in real-time — allowing ag businesses along the entire food production chain to grow safely, sustainably, and profitably.

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