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2022 FWAA Board Nominees

Meet the Nominees for the 2022-2023 Board of Directors

Source: Emily Gluch, Marketing & Events Coordinator

Below is a slate of members who would like to consider running for the Board of Directors for the three open seats to serve the Far West Agribusiness Association from 2023-2026.


Board Nominee #1 - Chelsea Clark-Rodriguez

Chelsea has been a member of the IRM Team for over 14 years. She has worked in various capacities, including supply chain, compliance, event planning, fertilizer sales support, office management, and, most recently, fertilizer sales. She has served on the Far West board for the past year after assuming Kyle Grant’s position when he transitioned to Westlink.

In her time at the Far West, she has been an active member of the Conference Planning, Agribusiness Academy Golf Tournament, HR/EE Handbook, Membership, PAC, and Scholarship Committees. She is also the chair of the Winter Conference casino night subcommittee. She is dedicated to the Far West and is willing to be committed and offer the time and effort required to help the association thrive.

"She has never missed a meeting or call and has been able to bring new members to Far West through constant customer advocacy of the association" - Chelsea Clark-Rodriguez

Board Nominee #2 - Larry Dockery

Larry Dockery is the Associate Vice President of Agronomy for IFA. In this role, he can help intermountain farmers grow and succeed by sourcing products more efficiently and effectively. Larry earned his bachelor’s degree from Utah State University before starting his career with IFA. He loves working with farmers to improve their crops and soils and finds it humbling to be involved in helping producers to grow. When not aiding co-op members, Larry enjoys spending time with his family outdoors.

Larry has worked for IFA for 23 years (24 in January), managing both the agronomy division (purchasing and distribution of products) as well as agronomy operations (9 ag centers). Larry is interested in being on the board to help educate himself on what other companies are facing and how they approach challenges we all face now and in the future.

"I would like to establish relationships to help IFA naviagte the uncertainy that many FWAA companies face" – Larry Dockery

Board Nominee #3 - Hannah Kammeyer

Hannah Kammeyer has recently joined Marion Ag Service as the Marketing & Community Engagement Manager in St. Paul, Oregon. Before joining Marion Ag, Hannah worked at Limagrain Cereal Seeds, initially spearheading marketing efforts across the US, and then took a more regionally focused role selling and marketing wheat varieties in the PNW.

Previous experience includes working at Oregon State University as an outreach coordinator for the wheat breeding and research team. Between working on the family farm, universities, international cooperatives, and private companies, Hannah has a diverse background in business environments. This includes the Washington State Crop Improvement Board, OSU Wheat Variety Release Committee, and state wheat commission.

"Serving as a conduit between research and growers and an advocate for agriculture for eight years, I was tasked with providing all departments of Marion Ag collaborative leadership and management in marketing and community outreach." - Hannah Kammeyer

Board Nominee #4 - Daniel Britton

Daniel Britton has worked for Miller Chemical & Fertilizer for 2 ½ years and is currently the Northwest Regional Sales Manager. Miller became a member of FWAA in 2021, and I have been happy to support them since then.

"I would like to be a part of the Board to help this organization continue to grow and offer support for its members and the industry." - Daniel Britton

Board Nominee #5 - Ryan Hill

As an employee of Skagit Farmers Supply, Ryan has had several opportunities to work with the Far West Agribusiness Association. He has attended leadership courses, fundraisers, golf outings, and more. Skagit Farmers Supply is committed to supporting organizations such as the FWAA to further agriculture in our country, especially in the communities Skagit does business with.

Skagit Farmer's Mission, Vision, and Values statements align with those of the FWAA. As the agronomy manager, my goal has been to provide premier services, products, and customer service to our members and to help provide quality careers and opportunities for our staff. He has experience working with FFA and 4H groups, the WSU internship program, and other local groups to grow their knowledge and support agriculture.

"As a member of FWAA Board of Directors, I would be committed to the industry's growth and agricultural education." - Ryan Hill

Board Nominee #6 - Kolby Kay

Kolby Kay serves as Western Sales Manager for Stueve Construction, the largest construction services provider of fertilizer and bulk storage in the agricultural industry. He has direct sales responsibility within Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

He was Location Manager at three Simplot Grower Solutions locations in Eastern Idaho. Mr. Kay is also a licensed Idaho Pesticide Consultant.

Mr. Kay lives in East Idaho with his wife, Annie, and has two daughters attending Boise State University. He has deep roots in the PNW and is passionate about agriculture.

"Before joining Stueve, I have held many roles within Simplot Growers Solutions. His Ag Retail roles included Crop Advisor, Seed Market Representative, Location Supervisor, and Location Manager." - Kolby Kay

Board Nominee #7 - Richard Leitz

Richard Leitz has 39 years of experience in retail sales and management and as a wholesale entity with a perspective in agronomy and horticulture with solid experience in soils and water chemistry.

Richard has served as an elected Port commissioner in Mattawa for 14+ years, has served on the Grant County Conservation District as a Supervisor for 14+ years, and has been active in coaching youth at all levels in my community.

Paradigm Ag Solutions has been a member of the FWAA since 2013. Pete Siragusa and Richard started Paradigm Ag Solutions in 2008 as an independent formulator of specialty solution fertilizers with unique products that address challenging irrigation and soil chemistry.

"As an independent in my approach to business and as a board member of FWAA would continue to be an independent advocate for all our members." - Richard Leitz

Board Nominee #8 - Vivian Sheffield

Vivian Sheffield began her career with Farmers Supply Cooperative in 2013 as the credit and safety manager. She has successfully managed accounts receivable, established long-term relationships with our customers, creating safety plans, adapted operations to meet our safety goals, and licensed and insured all vehicles and equipment.

In 2019, she was asked to take on the role of Chief Financial Officer for FSC. Vivian is highly interested in this position, with a working knowledge of workplace safety rules and regulations, including FMCSA, HazMat, MSHA, and OSHA standards.

“I am an enthusiastic and adaptive individual. I will bring my best and look forward to serving the Association and learning during my time on the Board.” - Vivian Sheffeild

Board Nominee #9 - Matt Kincaid

Matt Kincaid is the Sales Manager at Helena in Pullman, covering Eastern Washington and northern Idaho. Matt was raised on a production wheat farm near Pullman, Washington, where he worked until he graduated from Washington State with a B.S. in Agriculture Technology & Production Management.

He grew up rooted in agriculture and had the opportunity to work in the crop protection, fertilizer, and production business.

"These experiences working with channel partners, industry groups, and internal functions allow myself to bring a unique perspective if elected to serve on the board in 2023." - Matt Kincaid
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