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Positioning Statement

FWAA Board of Directors

Source: FWAA Executive Committee, Emily Gluch, Marketing, and Events Manager

As many of our Far West Agribusiness Association (‘FWAA”) members and critical constituents know by now, the FWAA Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of Margaret Jensen as our Executive Director.

While we transition from our past structure into one going forward, we wanted to alert all members that we remain steadfast in seeing this year through without an Executive Director.

Susan Reed, Office Manager, and Emily Gluch, Marketing and Events Manager remain in place and provide their average, high level of contribution and effort. They constantly communicate with the Executive Committee to ensure a smooth transition of duties and responsibilities.

All necessary arrangements are already set for our Agribusiness Academy (Nov.15-16 in Kennewick, WA) and our Annual Meeting & Conference (Dec.13-15 in Boise, ID).

We remain vigilant to making these meetings as productive as possible and bullish as we look forward to an even more dynamic and productive association going into the new year and beyond.

Please feel free to reach out to anyone of us on the Board of Directors or Susan and/or Emily with any questions or general inquiries.

Thank you,

Far West Agribusiness Association Board of Directors

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