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Governor Little comments on 2022 legislative session, highlights continued work

Source: Idahonews - March 2, 2022

BOISE, Idaho (CBS2) — The Idaho legislature is getting closer to month two of meetings at the capitol, but Governor Little has been working at the Statehouse year-round.

Sharing his thoughts with the members of the press today, Gov. Little is reflecting on these past few months.

“It’s rewarding to me how businesses large and small and families powered through the pandemic,” Little said.

He looked ahead, discussing the issues that are affecting Idahoans the most. One topic that was discussed was housing. A recent study showed that housing affordability is one of the top concerns that Idahoans are facing right now. He is encouraging lawmakers to work with their constituents to find solutions.

“I would advise the legislators to when they go home on the weekend to talk to people about what their biggest problem is,” Gov. Little said.

Education also was a topic that Gov. Little said is one of his priorities.

“Because my commitments to education are steadfast and that’s where we spend half of our money," he said.

Gov. Little also spoke about Idaho’s relations with Russia. He says Idaho officials are reassessing their investments with Russia right now. Things are moving forward starting at the liquor stores.

“I think you’re probably aware, there are two Russian Vodkas that we took out of the liquor stores.”

When it comes to our state, Gov. Little says he has been impressed with Idaho’s resilience over the past few years, especially during the pandemic.

“There’s so much modification to what people did,” Gov. Little said. “It reenergizes my faith in the free market system, that when challenging things happen, they will adapt.”

He says he looks forward to seeing the evolution in business and healthcare grow.

“What we’re doing in telehealth for behavioral health, which was just getting started and now our investments in behavioral health you know were going to get more broadband capacity and that’s going to make a difference in the lives of Idahoans and the affordability of healthcare,” he said.

Governor Little also shared his thoughts on the homeless demonstration happening on state grounds outside of the statehouse.

He says that while people have the right to free speech, according to the 9th circuit court, they can’t camp there.

“I’m not excited about it, it makes me grumpy sometimes when I see it,” Gov. Little said. “But it is their right to make a protest, but I think we made some more citations yesterday. I don’t know how long it’s going to last. I wouldn’t advocate to those activists over there, that they may not be helping their case on some of the things they want to get done.”

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