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Idaho Launch moves on to the Senate

Emily Gluch, FWAA Marketing & Events Manager

Source: Office of the Governor

Picture above is not FWAA, sourced from the newsletter

Idaho hosted "Capital for a Day" conveniently in Weiser, Idaho where the FWAA headquarters are located, to talk about the importance of training the future workforce. Naturally, the conversation spurred into specific industry needs and public questions to Governor Brad Little.

Fast forward three weeks later, and the state has gladly announced an important update on the Idaho Launch program a statement from the governor's desk includes,

Thank you, and congratulations to the Idaho House of Representatives for your support of our Launch proposal! Rep. Megan Blanksma, the bill sponsor, did a great job carrying this important bill for Idaho students. The grant will provide Idaho students entering our workforce with rewarding in-demand career opportunities and help employers hire the skilled workers they desperately need.

So what is Idaho Launch? A grant-based program focused on the development of Idaho students for students entering the Idaho workforce to a specific trade or industry that demands specific training types. Welding for example. The desk of the governor newsletter stated, "Our students without the means to "go on" after high school will have a more robust pathway to a rewarding career."

Ultimately, offering students the necessary tools to be trained for employers versus the employer training the student. The Idaho Launch program will help aid graduating high school students to be prepared for a specific skill set to not only succeed in the workforce but receive the necessary training to be qualified.

Now the Idaho students will wait to see how the house handles Idaho Launch, closing the statement with,

This is about Idaho students STAYING in Idaho to work in Idaho jobs! Eighty percent of voters supported the biggest investment we've ever made in career and workforce training in state history. I am proud of my partners in the Legislature for listening to the people and following through on the mandate the people have given us. There is no better way to support our employers than to get workers through their doors with the training they need to propel themselves and Idaho's economy forward.

On to the Senate!

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