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Agribusiness Academy collaborates with Thompson Consulting Group

Meet Thompson Consulting Group

Source: Emily Gluch, FWAA Marketing & Events Manager

You're probably wondering... What is Agribusiness Academy? Far West Agribusiness Association is proud to offer another course in manager training! We saw a need for professional development services, and the Agribusiness Academy was brought to fruition. FWAA member companies have the opportunity to develop the tools needed to become your company's future supervisors' managers.

Do you have current managers aspiring to grow into higher levels of management in your organization? Agribusiness Academy is for you!


Thompson Consulting Group (TCG) is devoted to training company leaders, increasing company morale, developing a strategic plan, and building better communication.

Syngenta and WinCo are a few companies TCG has worked with, so they understand agricultural industry dynamics. Our organization's goal is to work with TCG to offer a variety of development workshops that encompass various levels for managers.

For more information, visit our website or call (1-888-691-1942).

Fundamentals of Leadership Training Workshop

TCG Statement

Join us for a two-day workshop covering essential skills for leaders. Subject matter will include effective communication, conflict resolution, employee to supervisor, and managing employee performance.

Effective Workplace Communication

Communication is the heart of all businesses, regardless of the industry. When communication breaks down, seemingly simple tasks become burdensome. In this course, we'll identify the types of communication and how each affects the working environment.

  • Defining and Utilizing assertive communication

  • Effective employee feedback

  • Resolving workplace conflict

  • Examining common communication scenarios

  • Improving listening skills

  • Understanding the importance of nonverbal communication

  • Utilizing email appropriately

  • Improving communication in meetings

Conflict Resolution: Better Teams Through

Healthy Conflict

Almost everyone avoids conflict at some point in their interpersonal interactions. In this Training, we will find out why we avoid conflict and what happens when we do. We then explore strategies for healthy conflict and welcome discussions that will solve problems and build trust and respect.

  • Signs you avoid conflict

  • Defining healthy conflict

  • How to debate a topic well (critique)

  • Adverse effects of poor conflict

  • Healthy conflict examples and practice

Employee to Supervisor

Promotions are exciting but can create uncomfortable scenarios when you go from being "one of the crew" to the one in charge. In this course, we'll look at what happens when your peers become your subordinates and how to navigate the pitfalls of maintaining professional yet friendly boundaries.

  • Examining the biggest challenges of becoming a new supervisor

  • Avoiding micromanaging

  • Fraternizing and the perception of favoritism

  • Opposition from former peers

  • Common communication challenges for retail supervisors

  • Performance management and teamwork

  • Exploring your areas for improvement

  • Time and stress management

Managing Employee Performance

Most managers spend 80% of their time dealing with 20% of their employees - typically the worst performers. We'll show you how to turn that around so you can create an environment where your stars thrive and low performers step up or step out.

  • Creating an effective employee performance plan

  • Providing effective performance feedback

  • Understanding the importance of consistency

  • Utilizing progressive discipline and the importance of written follow-up

  • Demonstrating appreciation

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